Why Join APO?

What makes Alpha Phi Omega different from the other fraternities on campus? Simple! We are RPI's only national co-ed community service fraternity. APO is the place for men and women to get together to serve our campus, community, and country. Our three cardinal principles are leadership, friendship and service.

Since we are a fraternity, a pledging process is required in order to get to know the traditions, philosophy, members and history of our chapter of APO. It is approximately eight weeks long.

If you are interested in becoming a brother, check out our Recruitment Calendar near the beginning of any semester!

Not only does hazing go against our National bylaws, it's illegal! For those reasons, Alpha Phi Omega does not take part in or condone hazing of any sort. If, for any reason, you ever feel uncomfortable in our fraternity we will do our best to take care of the situation. Pledging is in no way binding, and you are allowed to leave at any time. Also, our alcohol policy abides by all local, state and national laws. Alcohol is not used in conjunction with any of our rush or pledging events.